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  • KRUK S.A. is No. 1 player on the debt collection market in Poland. The company is a multi-operator offering a full range of loss prevention and debt collection services. The KRUK Group includes KRUK S.A. which enforces the claims of both financial institutions and large corporate customers. KRUK S.A. manages the receivables of banks, credit intermediaries, insurance companies, leasing companies, fixed and cellular phone providers, cable TV operators, digital platform providers, utility suppliers and FMCG companies. More information can be found at: 
  • Rejestr Dłużników ERIF BIG S.A. (credit information bureau) is a system of credit information exchange. In its resources, ERIF has a database of debtors and reliable payers including both individuals and businesses. More information can be found at:  
  • The RAVEN Law Firm provides comprehensive management of judicial and enforcement proceedings regarding receivables collection. RAVEN works with international financial institutions and securitization funds. It provides advisory services in due diligence reviews and in sales transactions as well as it offers servicing of receivables portfolios.
  • KRUK International S.R.L. (Romania). The company provides comprehensive management of consumer receivables including out-of-court and judicial collection as well as debt purchasing. More information:
  • Secapital S.à R.L. is a securitization company investing in receivables and asset backed securities (ABS). At present, more than a half of the company’s investment portfolio includes receivables of financial institutions. More information: 
  • Prokura, Prokulus and Sekura are securitization and investment platforms relying on professional risk assessment and receivables management methods. They combine extensive experience in receivables management of the leader of the debt collection market with professionalism and innovation of reputable investment funds.

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